Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Business Application Development
Business Application Development

We provide full-cycle software application development from initial concept to completed product for both B2B and B2C requirements. Spanning countless industries and platforms, our work includes business automation, real time data modeling software for the United States military and academic research. From requirements definition and specification, software coding and development, to application support and maintenance; we can understand and assist with the entire product lifecycle.

We work in both traditional waterfall as well as modern agile methodologies. We are expert in Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix and embedded systems along with most modern databases. We’ll start with the best software tools, code bases and services available and custom code only what is absolutely necessary. We’ll deliver a solution that not only meets your requirements, but one that is also fully integrated into your business and that provides lasting value.

Mobile “App” Development

We can make an App for that. Regardless what "that" is. SpotLink® has developed mobile Apps for the Android, iPhone, Windows and Blackberry markets. Moreover, SpotLink® has developed not only standalone apps, but also apps that have integrated with web services and database backends, providing real-time updating of app content and enterprise systems. Whether your company needs an app to deliver a marketing presence on customers’ mobile devices, or it needs a mobile app to fill part of the need of a multi-faceted enterprise application, SpotLink® can deliver what you need.

Mobile App Development

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Maintenance & Revision Control
Maintenance & Revision Control

Are you trying to launch a new release but your developers are spending their time supporting old code? We can help by taking over the maintenance and support of your old code base. Whether your product is based on Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix, or even embedded systems, SpotLink® has software developers knowledgeable in successful software maintenance systems. SpotLink® can also help you with more than just software maintenance, they can also act as a Tier-2 call center to support your old software releases, thereby releasing your entire company to focus on new products. Moreover, SpotLink® may be able to do this at no cost to your company. So if you need to focus on the future, give contact us today!

Once you have released that initial software product, how do you go about releasing new versions while also support the old code? And how do you recreate the precise software system you sent as a custom job to that special client? If your company is finding itself in that situation, let us show you how to implement a revision control system so that each developer can work on the code branch they need, while also contributing to the group effort, in such a way that you can recreate a branch or release at any time, on any developer’s system

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